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Signia/Siemens Hearing Aids

Signia’s new primax™ hearing aids are so powerful, they’re actually clinically proven to reduce listening effort throughout the day, while providing better-than-normal hearing in challenging environments*. All models are equipped with tinnitus therapy features to ease the discomfort of “ringing in the ears.” Additionally, primax offers the following advantages:

Hear without strain. primax hearing aids single out a target speaker’s voice from background noise so that listening effort is significantly reduced.

Follow every conversation effortlessly. Many daily situations, like conversations at a train station, can present enormous challenges for those with imperfect hearing. The primax SpeechMaster function localizes the speaker of interest and reduces sound interference from the environment.

A whole new music experience. primax hearing aids feature HD Music programs uniquely designed to enrich the sound quality of music, whether it is playing live, through a stereo system, or during an onstage performance.

Make phone calls with ease. As soon as the primax Twinphone feature detects a phone nearby it turns on automatically. Not only is a caller’s voice heard in the hearing aid wearer’s ear next to the phone receiver, it’s also transferred to the hearing aid in the opposite ear, ensuring a high level of speech understanding, even in noisy surroundings.

Easy listening even in reverberant rooms. Rooms with hard surfaces like bare walls and marble floors reflect more sound than rooms with carpets, drapes, and similar items that reduce echo. The EchoShield function reduces interference due to reverberation, ensuring speech signals are clear and listening effort reduced.

High performance, low energy consumption. High-performance chips and complex functions included in our primax hearing aids don’t drain batteries, thanks to intelligent processes that reduce power drain and prolong battery life. And rechargeable hearing aid options only require battery changes an average of once a year.