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Hearing Care Services

Don’t let the burden of hearing loss hold you back. Regain control of your life again. Travel, work, enjoy time with family and friends, volunteer in the community and hear every wonderful moment of your life. Enhanced Hearing Center of Springfield provides solutions to even the most complex hearing problems. Hear every word of your next conversation with a friend, enjoy the sound of bird songs and bask in the warmth of hearing “I love you” again with expert hearing healthcare services.

Hearing is a highly individual experience, so the hearing instrument specialists at Enhanced Hearing Center take the time to make sure you experience sound naturally and comfortably.

  • Evaluation for Hearing Aids

    Your hearing exam will begin with a discussion of your medical history and the challenges you are experiencing with your hearing. Our hearing specialists will ask about the situations and environments in which you find hearing difficult or frustrating.

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  • Hearing Aid Dispensing and Fitting

    If your hearing evaluation indicates that you have hearing loss, your options will be discussed. Today, there are many options in hearing aid technology. The hearing instrument specialist will match your hearing needs with your lifestyle and budget and address any cosmetic concerns you may have.

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  • Hearing Aid Repair and Maintenance

    If your hearing aids show signs of damage or aren’t operating properly, call or text the professionals at Enhanced Hearing Center. We provide professional repair services as well as routine cleaning and maintenance. We’ll also check your hearing while you wear your hearing aids in case your devices need an adjustment.

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  • Hearing Test

    If you have hearing loss or suspect that someone you love is living with undiagnosed hearing loss, make an appointment for a hearing evaluation at Enhanced Hearing Center. Most people live with hearing loss an average of seven years before getting a hearing test.

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  • Tinnitus Treatment Options

    There’s no reason to live with a constant and annoying whirring, clicking, buzzing or ringing noise. This is called tinnitus, and Enhanced Hearing Care offers several tinnitus management options. From hearing aids to masking devices, we’ll perform a complete evaluation and propose the best treatment option for you.

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