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Why Live a Quiet Life?

Rex, Austin and all the staff at Enhanced Hearing Center are opening new worlds for their clients and friends everyday; that is, everyday that Rex’s not toiling in the garden, or snapping pictures of the kids, with his cell phone, and Austin’s not getting ready for the next big hearing trade show!

When you hit the red carpet, or just head out into the garden, you should be at your absolute best! That’s why Rex, Austin and the whole Enhanced Hearing Center team work so hard to help bring life back into focus for thousands of people across Southwest Missouri by giving back the gift of hearing; truly, the gift that keeps on giving!

At Enhanced Hearing Center, we’ve been helping people just like you get the help you need and the service you deserve:

  • State of the Art Hearing Aid Technology and AccessoriesClick here to check out just how far hearing aid technology has come!
  • Personal Home Visits To Setup And Troubleshoot Hearing Assistance Accessories – It’s true, we’ll come to you.
  • Easy access to our office. We are located in the Parkcrest Shopping Center – We are close to Harbor Freight Tools and Panera Bread on South Campbell. We won’t let anything stand between you and your hearing care!

Personal service, revolutionary technology, and people that really care – That’s our solution to your hearing challenges. Whether you’ve experienced some minor buzzing, constant ringing, or just started missing the punchline to those jokes your grandchildren tell, we have simple, uncomplicated solutions to help you immerse yourself in living again!

Enjoy All the Sounds of Your Life

Poking around in the garden on a Saturday afternoon is more than just weeding and planting seeds, it’s hearing the songbirds sing, the dogs barking, and the children and grandchildren playing in the yard.

If you’ve missed any of that, if you’ve been frustrated with other Hearing aid offices, or just felt a little too self-conscious to take the steps you need to help yourself hear the world better. well, listen up Southwest Missouri, you’re not alone, and the wait is over!.

At Enhanced Hearing center, we’ll help you change the way you think about hearing loss and hearing health care. We make new friends here everyday, and we are committed to making our friends whole again by bringing back the thrill of life at full volume.

You’ll Never Say “What?” Again

If you’ve ever just nodded your head in agreement at a table full of friends because you were tired of saying, “What?” for the umpteenth time, then don’t wait another minute - click here to schedule an appointment today and we’ll set you back on the path to a whole new world of hearing!

Hearing loss affects everyone, but it doesn’t affect everyone all at once, or at the same time. We lose our ability to hear a little bit at a time. A little clarity at first, then the volume is turned down; before you know it, you’re catching every other word and wondering where to turn for help.

We get it! We understand where you’re coming from, and we can help!

Our comfortable, state of the art office is conveniently located just north of the James River Freeway at 3829 S Campbell. We're reaching friends and neighbors near and far.

You no longer need to struggle with second-rate service and lackluster results from chain stores and care providers that lack the time, experience and commitment to serving all your hearing loss needs.

Rex and Austin are the experts you’ve been waiting for.

Enhanced Hearing Center is changing the way you think about hearing loss care and service; by changing the way you hear the world.

Where Do I Start?

Start right here by getting answers online to some of those nagging hearing loss questions, and then give us a call; we’re committed to understanding your hearing loss challenges and solving them together.

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  • Hearing Aids Have Come A Long Way, BabyClick here to check out the most advanced hearing aid technologies and styles to fit every lifestyle
  • Our Team is at the Top Of Their GameClick here to meet our Dispensers and our staff…
  • Find Us & Schedule an Appointment– We have flexible appointment hours at all office in Springfield, Missouri. Click here for details!
  • Contact UsClick here to get in touch with any questions you might have.